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The Quyxote Foundation ( has produced the following documentary "Nouvelle Riche –Nuevo Rico" which deals about the public spending wastefulness through two examples in infrastructure: AVE (Spanish High Speed) and airports.
The documentary starts with the statements made by the Ombudsman in the Congress of Spain on 15th of September 2011 emphasizing the social concerns brought by this wastefulness in the public spending. The Ombudsman blames the political class and their search for political gain rather than the gain for the citizens.
Then, the documentary tries to define what is wastefulness through the definitions of the Spanish Language Academia (Real Academia de la Lengua) and through the 2 interviewees: Germà Bel i Queralt, Applied Economics Professor and Expert in Infrastructure, and Cesar Molinas, an economist and mathematician. Spain is in the 101st. in the ranking of wastefulness public spending at the level of countries like Cameroon and Nepal (World Economic Forum).
The first Chapter of this wastefulness is on the AVE (Spanish High Speed) and we wonder ourselves: How can you explain, Spain, a medium economic power, with a relatively small population, and not being pioneer in high-speed, has undertook such an intense effort in order to become a world leader in kilometers of high speed by population and by square kilometer?

Are we New Rich? Or have we turned nuts?

Spain has accumulated an expense in the AVE of over 45,000 million euros during last decade. Using the method of analysis Cost- Benefit, we can see that both Economic and Social cost-effectiveness are negative and the opportunity cost is very high. Therefore, which kind of objectives had the politicians on mind? Their motivations are not linked to a proper transport policy, but respond to an administrative and ideological policy, where the dynamics of the market corresponds to the political offer and demand.
The second Chapter deals with the wastefulness of Airports, this is another repetition of the previous chapter but with a degree of wastefulness much lower compared with AVE.
In conclusion, wastefulness in infrastructures such as AVE and airports are the tip of the iceberg of this huge problem Spain has, and can cause a shipwreck in this boat we are all.


Technical Description:
Recordings of interviewees made via Skype. (Germà Bel i Queralt and Cesar Molinas)
Images of trains and airplanes : institutional advertisements of AVE and Leon airport.
Music by website. Creative Commons .
Production of animation in AfterEffects and Final Cut Pro: Hector Díaz Marques.
Graphic Design: Jose Quiroga.
Narrator: Luis Gonzalez- Páramo.
Director & Producer: Gonzalo Rodríguez-Carmona
Sound: Jorge Artal(Jimmy)

Documento sin título
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